Information Estimation with Node Placement Strategy in 3D Wireless Sensor Networks


The cluster formation in Three Dimensional Wireless Sensor Networks (3D-WSN) give rise to overlapping of signals due to spherical sensing range which leads to information redundancy in the network. To address this problem, we develop a sensing algorithm for 3D-WSN based on dodecahedron topology which we call Three Dimensional Distributed Clustering (3D-DC) algorithm. Using 3D-DC algorithm in 3D-WSN, accurate information extraction appears to be a major challenge due to the environmental noise where a Cluster Head (CH) node gathers and estimates information in each dodecahedron cluster. Hence, to extract precise information in each dodecahedron cluster, we propose Three Dimensional Information Estimation (3D-IE) algorithm. Moreover, Node deployment strategy also plays an important factor to maximize information accuracy in 3D-WSN. In most cases, sensor nodes are deployed deterministically or randomly. But both the deployment scenario are not aware of where to exactly place the sensor nodes to extract more information in terms of accuracy. Therefore, placing nodes in its appropriate positions in 3D-WSN is a challenging task. We propose a Three Dimensional Node Placement (3D-NP) algorithm which can find the possible nodes and their deployment strategy to maximize information accuracy in the network. We perform simulations using MATLAB to validate the 3D-DC, 3D-IE and 3D-NP, algorithms respectively.


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