[Clearance rate of gingiva and content of collagen of inflammated and clinically non-inflammated papilla interdentalis].


UNLABELLED The gingiva vessel function has been defined by gingivitis (A), clinical sound gingiva without (B) and with loss in attachment (C) as well as the collagen fraction by biopsy material. The division of the probands at the age between 20 and 24 years into groups has been carried out after checking the SBI, PII (Silness/Loe) and the loss of attachment of the teeth 43-33. The vessel function has been found out through the impulse rate of the gingiva Xenon-133-clearance by calculating the clearance rates (CR) (groups: A1 n = 15; B1 n = 18; C1 n = 16). The vestibular interdental papillae have been elaborated in a second study for finding out the collagen fractions with the Stegemann method modified by Woessner (groups: A2 n = 18; B2 n = 10; C2 n = 12). The statistical reliability has been checked by the t-test (F-test) and the u-test by Mann and Whitney. RESULTS In the clearance study the CR in group A1 are higher and in group C1 lower than in group B1. In the second study the increased collagen solubility in group A2 by inflammation is confirmed, in group C2 a significant higher share in unsoluble collagen and total collagen has been defined than in group B2.


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